Wahclella Falls

We bundled up the kiddos and set out to explore around the Columbia River Gorge yesterday. I'd heard about Wahclella Falls and from the images I had seen on social media, I knew we had to go soak in the beauty firsthand. Yesterday's foggy, rainy weather seemed to provide the perfect backdrop to do some exploring!

From Interstate 84 (heading away from PDX) take exit 40 (Bonneville Dam) and turn right and keep right. You'll see signs for the trail head. Heads up, you will need to pay $5 for a parking pass, unless you already have a permit.

We found the trail a bit on the muddy side but nothing a solid pair of hiking boots couldn't handle. Our 3.5yr old hiked the whole way to the falls (1 mile) in her rain boots! All I can say is the reward is far greater than the effort needed to hike in. I can't wait to go back!