Communicating through imagery is my passion. Creating images is my language. I aim to take words, ideas and feelings bring them to life with photographs. Wether you are seeking to convey the unique quality of your clothing or the intense sense of community within your gym, I aim to capture those elements and bring them to life for your audience.

I was formally trained in professional photographic illustration at Rochester Institute of Technology. I have since been pursuing my passion for visual communication to convey emotions, ideas and thoughts through the medium of photography.  Originally from a small town in VT, I now call Portland OR home with my husband, two kiddos and our Boston Terrier. While we have traveled and lived in several cities and countries, the PNW is where we have been inspired to lay down roots!

Everyday moments and natural light are most inspiring to me. People, places and products all have something to say. Allow me to share what you have to share through an image. If you aren't certain what you want to say but have an idea, let's chat and find your vision.